Since James works at Barnes and Noble it’s not easy to go book shopping. If I want a book I have James, my special delivery service. But browsing at a bookstore is heavenly and usually after a month or two I have to get my fix. Yesterday was the day. In spite of it being Saturday and the Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend at that, James was able to take time out to have a little lunch with me in the cafe. Then my browse fest began.

The store is so packed with books right now for the holidays it is hard to know where to start. I wandered around aimlessly for a few minutes before I found myself at the big table at the front of the store. Piles and piles of books, a bibliophile’s dream. I didn’t know what book to pick up and look at first, but once I picked one up I couldn’t stop. Oh this looks interesting! Oh, this sounds good! Oh what a pretty cover! Oh, what an intriguing title! I went from table to table down the main isle until I found myself at the back of the store in front of the music section. I plunged in.

I had a list of music from the teacher of my Loft workshop a couple of weeks ago to use as reference. I stationed myself at a set of headphones and started listening. Aside from the two selections the teacher had used in class I didn’t find any of the others to be that interesting. I was disappointed but decided that what I really liked to listen to while writing to was not what the teacher liked to listen to. What I like is international music and if there is singing it didn’t matter most of the time because it was in a different language. I started picking up different CDs from the World Music section and scanning them into the listening station. Flamenco music is fabulous. The Gipsy Kings are amazing. And I could barely contain my River Dance when I scanned The Chieftans. If any of my family members are reading this and still wondering what to get me, any or all of these would be great.

After that it was time to get serious. I had a list of titles to look for as gifts for my dear Bookman. Of course my list was so obscure none of the books were on the shelf. And then my mind went blank. What authors did he like to read? And then when I had a flash of memory I couldn’t remember if the book I held in my hand was already on our bookshelf at home. Agony! How is it that James can remember stuff like that and I can’t? And why can James remember what books are on our shelves, what authors I like to read, what I have read and haven’t but can’t seem to remember where he’s left his car keys?

I needed a break then, so tracked down James and made him buy me a peppermint mocha. If you haven’t had one before get thee to a Barnes and Noble and try one. It’s a mocha (coffee, milk, and chocolate) with peppermint in it. It’s a good thing these are only sold during the holidays, otherwise I’d overdose on them. Besides, it’s like only eating pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving, the occasionalness of it makes it even more delicious. I buzzed around the store for a little while before deciding I’d had enough of the crowd and had gotten my bookstore and peppermint mocha fix.

Back at home I went online to track down the books on the list I had for James. Out of the five I was looking for, turns out two are out of print. And it turns out that one of the out of print books is already on our bookshelves and James had bought it for me! I found the other book on my list and they are on their way to me from; I paid no tax and got free shipping too! Amazing thing the internet. Still, it can’t beat browsing in a bookstore and sucking down a peppermint mocha. Heavenly.