Poetry Project

I love poetry but recently realized there are quite a few poets winning Pulitzers and being honored as a Poet Laureate of whom I have never heard. And since poetry should be a year-round event and not reserved only for April’s National Poetry Month, it seems like a good idea to make a project. In no particular order, I am working my way through the U.S. Poets Laureate and poetry Pulitzer winners. This page will serve as an index for the project.

6 thoughts on “Poetry Project”

  1. I read that you love to read poetry. Have you every read anything by Carolyn Mary Kleefeld? Great reading!

  2. nathalie garcía said:

    Hey! i just love your blog!
    keep the good job.

    Im from dominican republic and its very hard to find good books.
    Thanks God for the internet.

    Thanks to yoy i discover Nikki Giovanni, and i LOVE her.

    If you like poetry, try latinamerican poet Mario Benedetti.

  3. What an excellent idea! I might just have to copy you!

  4. I see the appeal of working one’s way through… something or other. I must say, though, having nothing to choose but US. Poets Laureate and Pulitzer winners sounds unutterably dreary. But I’ll bet working through the state poets laureate would be something.

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