Spent the evening browsing at the bookstore, soy peppermint mocha in hand. I saw lots of things to be tempted by but controlled myself and picked out three Barnes and Noble classics that were on sale buy two get one free. So I am adding The Possessed, Daniel Deronda, and Moll Flanders to the shelves.

Also picked up a Lonely Planet guide to Wales. My Bookman and I had a wild idea a few weeks ago that we’d plan a trip for spring 2006 to Scotland and Hay-on-Wye in Wales. We thought Wales was bigger than it is and Scotland closer to it. After we got the Lonely Planet guide for Scotland we discovered that in 10 days we’d never be able to enjoy Scotland and Hay. So now we are having a conundrum. Do we do the Scotland thing and meander through Edinburgh, Stirling and then Inverness (and of course a jaunt to Loch Ness)? Or do we go to Wales with, perhaps, a day’s stop in Salisbury on the way for a look at the cathedral and Stonehenge before spending several days browsing the bookstores of Hay and then to the coast for walking, relaxation and Puffin watching before trundling back to London (a city we both love) for a day or two stay prior to departure back home? It’s a dilemma we aren’t sure how to solve. (Of course, if anyone reading this lives in the UK and would like to adopt us into your family, we’d be very happy to live permanently in your fine country. We don’t take up a lot of space and are very handy–good gardeners and great at snow shoveling. My bookman is a fab cook and makes a mean cup of coffee and I can knit you warm woolly socks. If you are the non-bookish sort we’d be glad to tell you what to read, and if you are bookish we can have jolly evenings talking about what everyone is reading. We’ll also wash your windows and take out your trash. We just need a bed and a little pocket money now and then. We’re a bargain! *grin*)