I skimped on my beauty sleep last night to watch the rest of Jane Eyre on PBS. I’m with Sylvia in thinking there was way too much kissing and touching between Jane and Mr. Rochester. It was positively scandalous! And the ordering of the scenes was a bit odd. My husband has never read the book and after the sordid truth about Bertha came out we have Jane curling up on her bed at Thornfield, a fade and then she’s curled up on a rock in the middle of the windy moors. My husband’s question was whether she was dreaming again like at the beginning of the part one when she was in the desert. No, I said, she’s run away. When did she do that? he wanted to know. We find out later, after much what’s going on? It appears the BBC made the unfortunate mistake of assuming everyone knows the story of Jane Eyre.

And now today is a bit of a manic Monday. My Bookman started a new job. He is assisting in the running of the five bookstores located inside the St Paul/Minneapolis International Airport. I can’t wait until he starts coming home with interesting stories about people he has met. So if you are ever passing through on your travels, be sure to stop in and say hi. The first day went fine, it was the homecoming that didn’t. The furnace appears to have decided to stop working. It is currently 13 degrees fahrenheit outside (61 inside) and heading down below zero tonight. We have a a service call in and the repair person should be here sometime before midnight. So we wait and drink hot drinks and wrap ourselves in blankets and are grateful for the tiny electric space heater we bought a few years ago for use in the chilly basement.

If you haven’t been over to Quire & Quire lately, they’ve done some major renovations and even have a spiffy new blog , great for anyone who wants to keep tabs on Canadian literature.

Writing Aspirations is sponsoring a Debut a Debut contest. Between February 12-17, read a book written by a newly published author, then by February 17th post a review of it on your blog. You could win all kinds of prizes including books, Borders gift cards, and BookMooch points.

Michael Betcherman, the writer of the email mystery Daughters of Freya is at it a gain with a new one called Suzanne. You can read the first three emails for free to whet your appetite. Then over the course of several weeks you will get 2-3 emails in your inbox. I read Daughters of Freya and it was fun and well done. I’d do this one too, but my email inbox is swamped and so am I.

John Barlow, whose blog is linked over there on my blogroll, is now a published author. He even has a book video at You Tube. In John’s words, ” The novel is a re-setting of the Victorian ‘novel of business’, dealing especially with cocaine, madness and the soft drinks industry in late 19th century England.” He assure me it’s funny.

And finally, before I go crawl under more blankets, I knit when my tendonitis isn’t acting up which it seems to be doing a lot lately (too much writing and reading blogs? Nah!) so I’ve not been knitting much. I do get an email newsletter from Lion Brand, a big yarn company. They always send free patterns. The last newsletter has dog sweaters in it. What I want to know is, would you knit this sweater for you dog?If the answer is yes, here are the instructions. Please be sure to send me a photo of you happy dog in his or her new sweater.

Update. A man showed up around 8:15 to fix the furnace. Turns out the wiring in the circuit that tells the furnace to turn on was shorted out. He had all the parts to fix it in his truck and by 8:50 we had heat again.