The weekend was too hot to do much of anything. Friday night we had a BBC Clarissa marathon and watched–I can’t believe I did this–the entire three and a half hour production. The homemade peppermint mocha and popcorn helped. It was fantastic! Sean Bean was hunky and perfectly evil and Saskia Wickham did a marvelous job at looking beautiful and virtuous in her distress. I really enjoyed how the movie played up Clarissa’s desire to live a single, independent life. The rape scene was really well done and nearly brought me to tears. And then, of course, there is the aftermath of it all with a sad ending for everyone. It really got me charged up about reading the book. The movie is not narrated in letters and the book is so I am very interested to see how all of the upcoming action is handled. I am on page 796 out of 1499, a little over halfway.

I mentioned not long ago that my Bookman and I are listening to the Odyssey and didn’t much like the reader. We decided to ditch the version we were listening to and go for the version read by Ian McKellan. We started listening to it from the beginning Saturday evening. I am so glad we switched! What a difference a reader makes. Since the version we are listening to and the version I am reading are both the Fagles translation, I have decided to follow along in the book while McKellan reads. We have made it through book one and already I like the story better than I did before.

Also this weekend we ventured out in the heat to Ikea and got a new bookcase. We have a wall in our living room with two bookcases on it that hold our poetry and what we consider classics. The shelves were packed and the books were piling up in front of the properly shelved books. We carefully measured and decided the wall had enough room for another bookcase but we had to move the two shelves over to make room for the new one. My Bookman isn’t a bookman for nothing. He had the shelves cleared of books in a flash, at least it seemed a flash to me. And since the bookcase we got matched the two we already had, putting the new one together was a snap. Up it went. Then the books that we took off the shelves, having been removed in an orderly fashion, were back on within minutes. Now we have an empty shelf to spread the books out on and to properly shelf the books that had been piled up. And even better, there will even be room for books we have not yet bought! The extra space probably won’t last long though, a month or two maybe. I will have to take some photos to share as we get it all organized.