Litlove has saved you all from a rambling post about nothing in particular by tagging me with the Five Reasons Why I Blog meme. I’m not sure my answers can approach the of eloquence hers, but here goes.

  1. I began blogging on a lark. I had heard about blogs and for some reason thought it would be fun to give it a try. My first blogging endeavor lasted about two months and then I gave it up for a whole year before starting fresh with So Many Books. The second time around I thought it would be fun to maybe find a few people with whom I could talk books all the time and they wouldn’t think I was nuts. I also was trying to get into the habit of writing everyday because I had delusions of becoming a published author and thought blogging would help. I now write for the blog six days a week most weeks, but I no longer have a burning desire to be a published author.
  2. So maybe a good question is what has kept me blogging? The fact that I found more than just a few people who love books and like to talk about them. Sometimes when I hear the gloom and doom reports in the media about how books are going the way of the dinosaur I get a bit sad. But then I turn on my computer and suddenly it seems everyone who is anyone is reading and I am reminded that I am not The Last Reader on Earth.
  3. Blogging makes me a better reader. When I read something, no matter what it is, always have in the back of my mind is a question: What am I going to say when I blog about this? I don’t blog about everything; you don’t want to know my opinion on how well written the ingredients list on my box of morning cereal is. But when I read a book and know I will be writing about it, that knowledge heightens my awareness and makes me read deeper and more thoughtfully.
  4. It’s fun. If blogging weren’t fun I wouldn’t still be doing it. It’s lots of work and takes away from my reading time. But it’s so much fun it never feels like work.
  5. Maybe the main reason I blog is you. Is that a smarmy sentimental cliche thing to say? I don’t care if it is because it’s true. When I first started blogging I told myself it wouldn’t matter if no one ever found my blog or left a comment until someone did. I’d be kidding myself if I said I’d still be blogging if no one stopped by to say hi. Your comments are thought-provoking, supportive, friendly, inspiring and honest. I’ve never met any of you in person but yet you all feel like good friends. And who knows, maybe someday we’ll bump into each other in a bookstore.

Let’s see, who else wants to play? Anyone can, of course, but Danielle, Sylvia, Iliana, and Dark Orpheus, consider yourselves tagged.