I am in need of a reading binge. Do you ever crave those? You take a couple days off of work to just wallow in reading. It’s been awhile since I’ve had one of those and with the rate of book acquisition around this house, a binge is a fast approaching necessity. I think the end of October might be the perfect time. It seems really far away, but I am hoping the weather will be near perfect binge-reading weather by then. And since I have accumulated so much pto that I am almost at the use-it-or-lose-point, perhaps I can get away with–dare I wish for it?–a whole week!

The end of October means it will be cold. Down into the 20s at night, high during the day in the 40s, maybe low 50s. This means I can lounge around in fleecy clothes, with socks on my feet and a hot drink by my side. It is warm enough that I can take a break from reading by going for a long walk or a bike ride. The newly naked trees will still be interesting and oh so beautiful against a blue, blue sky (unlike November when everything for some reason suddenly looks dull and I start wishing hard for snow to make things look pretty again). Wonderful as this is, it is only near-perfect because it’s not quite hibernation time around here and house-related projects can still be done, people are still active and I feel a slight bit of guilt over being inside reading (even with a break to go outside for a bit).

Perfect binge reading weather comes at the end of December and into January. Now it really is cold and I can lounge around in fleecy clothes, socks, and a blanket. And of course, there is a hot drink by my side. It is in the low teens or single digits at night and in the low to mid-20s during the day with the prospect of being even colder. And of course the perfect binge reading weather involves snow. Lots of snow. Hopefully over the course of a couple of days. I don’t have to feel bad about not going anywhere or not working on any kind of home-improvement project. I can happily hibernate, emerging every couple hours to shovel the sidewalk which is my favorite wintertime exercise (yes, I love to shovel snow. I know, I am weird).

So if I time this just right, I can potentially take a week off at the end of October and between Christmas and New Year’s a little over a week off. Yes, yes. It’s all coming clear now. I just have to be really nice to my boss and hope that no big IT project ends up getting scheduled for the week I want off. Ah, feels good to have a plan.