The twenty below temperature on Saturday killed our car battery which kept my Bookman from dropping me at the train station which kept me from getting downtown for my volunteer shift at the library. I could have taken the bus to the train station but I was going to have to wait 20 minutes in the frigid outdoors for a train and my husband said, absolutely not, and I didn’t contradict him. Since we only have one car, we had it towed to the mechanic who had a gazillion other cars waiting their turn. We are not so unmechanical we can’t install a new battery ourselves, but we wanted to make certain it was just the battery and we couldn’t do that ourselves. All that to say I was forced to stay in Saturday read. Terrible, huh?

I spent most of the day reading Murakami’s Hard Boiled Wonderland at the End of the World. By last night I had two short chapters left but didn’t want to rush through them so somehow managed to close the book and save them for this morning. Wow! What trip! I will do a proper post about it tomorrow after I’ve had time to let it sink in a bit.

At lunch today I began reading Somerset Maugham’s Razor’s Edge. It felt like a good next book to start because at the very end of the Murakami, the main character mentions Razor’s Edge. I’m not sure what to think of the book yet, I didn’t manage to get far because the coworkers who was in the lunchroom while I was doesn’t understand that you are not supposed to talk to someone who is trying to read. But what is interesting about the two pages I have read is that chapter one is more like an introduction than a chapter. Maugham chose to make it part of the text of the story though, so I am curious to get farther on to see what he’s up to.

I have to go work on school assignments this evening so I will leave to to cringe and/or laugh at Read It! (4:41)

It’s no wonder the non-bookish think we are so weird.