erd.png Behold, the entity relationship diagram for Joe’s Antiquarian Books (click on image to make bigger). Looks like it should be simple enough, eh? Looks are deceiving. Though all my hard work paid off as my professor said that mine was this close to being the definitive ERD for the bookstore scenario we were given. This week’s assignment I have to draw another one but for a different scenario:

A customer may place one or many orders for books. Each order can only be placed by a single customer. The customer may request up to 5 books on a single order. Each individual book can only be on one order, since we don’t have multiple copies. Books are classified into fiction/non-fiction and Genre.

Last week we got to post our various attempts and get feedback from professor and classmates, revise and try again. This week we have to go it alone. I’m just a teensy bit nervous because while I feel like I get it, I don’t get it with confidence. Things are still a little squishy around the edges.

And tomorrow morning I have to register for next quarter’s class already! I’ll be taking INFO 510 Information Resources and Services I. I have no idea what the class is about other than it is one of my core requirements. The summer quarter will see me taking INFO 511 Information Resources and Services II. So I am hoping the subject matter will be interesting.

Friday night after ballroom dancing and a good part of the evening Saturday found me snuggled in bed reading Razor’s Edge. The temperatures dropped here to well below zero again and Saturday night the wind howled around the outside of the house. It was a perfect “fix” for my withdrawal symptoms. And now I am only about ten pages from the end of the book and hope to squeeze in finishing it tonight. It is by no means a perfect book, but as Murakami had one of his characters remark in Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World, the book may not be perfect but it is eminently readable. I hadn’t started Razor’s Edge at the time I read that, but now I know exactly what he means. I hope tomorrow I will be able to explain further.