Danielle tagged me earlier this month with the Library Lovers meme for Library Lovers month. And I thought, “how convenient to have a meme for when I am in need of something to write about.” And then I promptly forgot about it. Until now. At least February isn’t over yet, though I am cutting it close (yay for Leap Day!).

How do you plan on celebrating Library Lovers month?
At this point it is more accurate to say how I actually celebrated the month. I can’t say that I did anything out of the usual. I volunteer at the library every other weekend. And I am in the midst of library school working for an MLIS. Can I love libraries any more that I that?
How often do you accidentally spell library as ‘libary’ when you’re in a hurry?
I was going to say never, but then in my answer to the previous question, I typed “libary.” Since I had read through the questions prior to starting to answer them, I’m going to claim the power of suggestion was at work on that one.
What is the most amount of books you’ve ever had checked out at one time?
The most books I have ever checked out of the public library is probably about five. When I was in college though, I regularly had ten to fifteen books checked out to me.
What is the longest you’ve ever gone without visiting the library?
Two, maybe three months.
What is the biggest fine you’ve ever had?
I think the biggest fine I’ve ever had is $5. I could be wrong though. I’m very careful in general about turning books in on time because I feel really guilty about fines. Thus, I try not to remember fines I’ve paid in the past because I like to forget about things that make me feel bad.
When you go to the library, do you plan ahead and make a list? Or do you browse?
These days I rarely browse at the library. I usually have my list of books I have looked up beforehand so I know if they are there and where they are. I used to browse a lot, but since my husband got a job in bookstore management ten years ago, my need to browse to find out what books are new no longer exists.
Have you ever been shushed by a librarian?
Not that I can remember.
What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done to a library book?
Not having a piece of scrap paper to hand to mark a passage, I lightly penciled and “x” in the margin. I think I may have dog eared a page once as well. Does this mean I can’t be a librarian?
Have you ever had a “favorite” librarian?
Yes. When I was in third grade, the school librarian (I don’t remember her name anymore) was one of my most favorite people in the whole world. I was obsessed with Helen Keller and she found me some used kids books about her and gave them to me. She also wrote to the Braille Institute on my behalf and they sent her a brochure about Braille with the Braille alphabet punched into it. She was the coolest librarian ever.
If you could change one thing about your library it would be…
The hours. Because of budget constraints my local library is only open five days a week for only 6-8 hours. Two of the days during the week they close at 6 making it virtually impossible for me to go there on those two days. Before the January 1st merger of the Minneapolis City library system with the Hennepin County library system, my library was only open four days a week for even fewer hours. I wish the city, and now the county, would find a way to fully fund the libraries so they can be open everyday, all day.