I had big plans last night. Crawl into bed early and read, read, read. But the weather got in the way. We had a severe thunderstorm roll through that just fifty miles away had produced a couple of tornadoes. Instead of reading I spent the evening glued to the TV waiting for them to tell me I had to herd the cats (yeah right!) and carry the dog (he can’t walk down the stairs) to the basement. My bookman was working and blessedly I didn’t end up having to herd cats or carry a 45 pound dog downstairs. So much for my quiet night of reading in bed.

Today then I offer a quickie with links (depending on how you interpret that it could be really interesting).

I know you have always been wondering how those READ posters get made. Wonder no more. You can even email in a celebrity suggestion. Who do you want on your READ poster? I’ll take the Patrick Stewart one from a number of years ago (sadly his poster appears to be out of print). Maybe I will suggest a Jim Sturges one 🙂

The Scholastic 2008 Kids and Family Reading Report is up. Some notes of interest. 62% of kids said they prefer reading a printed book over reading a book online or on a handheld device. But at the same time 2 in 3 children think that within the next 10 years most books that are read for fun will be digital.

And now something really fun: a book list! The New York Public Library’s 25 Books to Remember for 2008. The list consists of books published in 2007 and chosen by NYPL librarians. Who doesn’t love a book list?

No rain forecast for tonight, and reading is back on the agenda!