Here we are, the first day of July and the beginning of the second half of the year. Seems like an appropriate time to check in with my 2008 reading goals to see how I am doing.

  • Finish Clarissa. Still not done but I am further along than I was and have reached page 1070.
  • Finish Herodotus. This is definitely moving along. I am on book VII out of IX.
  • Finish Guermantes Way. Um, I had a brief Proust reunion and then it all went to pot. I’m sure he will make a good showing in the second part of the year.
  • Challenges. Finished the Japanese Challenge. Finished the Outmoded Author Challenge. Had to skip Once Upon a Time because school was too busy. What’s in a Name is going along okay. And Planet Earth 2008 is stalled at the moment. RIP Challenge is still on the horizon but I have a fear I won’t be able to finish it because it coincides with the quarter I am due to take statistics in school.
  • Read Gilgamesh. I am currently not reading any poetry so I have been flirting with the idea of picking this up.
  • Read Plato. Um I might be able to start in on him by the end of the year.
  • Read various Greek plays. I didn’t have The Persians on my original list, but I will be reading that probably after book VIII of Herodotus. I hope to fit in Orestia but that might be stretching it.
  • Read The Winter’s Tale by Shakespeare. Saving this one for winter.
  • Re-read Pride and Prejudice. Not likely to happen.
  • Read A Tale of Two Cities. Doesn’t seem likely at the moment, but then one just never knows sometimes.
  • Buy fewer books. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Who was I kidding when I said this?

Some parts of the plan are going well and other parts have gone awry. Such is the nature of most of my reading goals. So far this year I have finished 20 books and abandoned two others. I usually have about five or six more books read by this time of the year but school really has cut into my reading time. There is nothing to be done about it. I am looking forward to spending Independence Day on Friday lolling about and reading. I hope to finish The Raw Shark Texts because it is due back at the library the next day and has a hold on it so I can’t renew it. I hate when that happens.

How are your reading plans for the year going?