Ever have one of those weeks where it seems you are so busy you can’t even think and then you get to the end of it and can’t even say why it was so busy let alone what you did? This has been one of those weeks. I know one thing I did was this week’s assignment for class: create a wiki. The point was to show us how easy it is to create a webpage. Been there done that. What was hard was keeping it simple, but pbwiki, the wiki site we were to use, made keeping it simple a frustrating endeavor. I couldn’t change color or layout, didn’t have access to the code to make little formatting tweeks. Made me nuts! But it also kept me from spending more time on it than I did. Here then, is my creation: Ralph Waldo Emerson Wiki. I am tempted to keep the wiki and expand it, but I have no idea where I’d find the time to do that. It always comes down to time, doesn’t it?

Besides the wiki I have no idea what filled my jam-packed week. I am behind on comments and will catch up soon. Not much reading happened either. I know! I was abducted by aliens! That would explain everything including the whacky questions waiting to be answered at the IPL. I have been unable to answer a second reference question yet because the ones available have me flummoxed. Business prospects for Europe? A philosophy book published in the early 20th century, don’t know the author or title but the title was weird, please help? What are the dangers of science? How does one even begin to answer questions like these? I thought answering seven questions would be a piece of cake. Obviously not.

Class is going pretty well this quarter. The summer seems to be barreling along at light-speed. In a week and a half I am supposed to register for the fall quarter! It’s hard to believe I’ve been at this school thing for almost a year now. As fast as it has all gone, it still seems as though it will be ages before I am finished.

Besides reading for school this weekend I hope to get in some fun reading. I have about 30 pages left in Herodotus and hope to finish him off. Maybe I will be able to start reading The Persians. And who knows what else might be in store. I hope everyone has a relaxing, book-filled weekend!