I started composing this evening’s blog post in my head while riding my bike to work this morning. Do you think I remember what I “wrote”? Of course not!

I had a wonderfully pleasant weekend of reading. I read The Persians which I will probably tell you about tomorrow. The introduction to the book I read has fantastic information about the Greek theater. The book is bristling with page points. The hard part will be selecting the finer elements and putting it all into coherent sentences. Not something that one can do on a Monday.

In other reading, Travels with Herodotus is great. Kapuscinski has a wonderful voice and equally as wonderful stories. It fits in quite well with The Collector of Worlds, a fictionalized account of Richard Burton. Burton is in India and Kapuscinski was sent to India as a journalist and their two experiences in India were blending and contrasting in my head and sometimes I got confused about which book I was reading.

Some of you may remember I read Maugham’s The Razor’s Edge earlier this year. Isabella recommended the movie with Bill Murray in it. I finally got to watch it. I didn’t settle into it right away, distracting myself with thoughts about that’s not how it was in the book. But when I finally stopped comparing book and movie I really enjoyed it. And overall I found it did stay true to the book and Bill Murray did a good job.

I also answered another reference question over the weekend for school. This one was for a mother looking for information on the dangers of tattoos that she could give her children. She wanted pictures of tattoos gone bad. I chose it on purpose since I have tattoos and felt like I needed to have practice, albeit on a minor subject, in giving someone information about which I don’t necessarily agree. I wanted to tell her that the worst dangers of a tattoo from a reputable artist is choosing a design you might not like in a few years and then want to remove. But I refrained from making any such statements or making any kind of statements other than here is a resource from the FDA. Here is one from the Mayo Clinic. Here are a couple of reputable websites geared towards teens and teen health that have information on tattoos. It was hard but it wasn’t hard. Now if it were something on why women shouldn’t be allowed to have birth control or other such topic that I felt strongly about in the opposite direction, it would be a lot harder.

Off to read an article for class. The professor just emailed it to us this morning. We have to read it and then write a 200 word abstract. The idea being that as a librarian I will have to frequently be able to summarize information for patrons about books or research or what have. Therefore, writing an abstract is good practice. The article is about college students’ preferences for public over academic libraries. Shouldn’t be too hard to condense the essence of 9 pages into 200 words. I hope.