With the thank goodness I don’t have to read that anymore completion of The Rising I was at a loss for what to read at work during lunch. Since I can’t go outside at lunch and read any longer unless I want be very cold, I have to find indoor places for lunch reading. A few times a week I can usually find a room that is not being used and sneak in and close the door. On other days I am sort of obligated to join my coworkers in the lunchroom, not because I love them all so much–I’m not being fair here because all of my coworkers are really good people, there are just a few, however that I actually enjoy spending time with–but because I am the tech person in front of whom they embarrass themselves regularly by doing things like calling in a panic because their printer doesn’t work and really it works fine but they are out of paper, I need to present myself and spend some time with them in a non-threatening, non-tech environment so I can work on my image as a generally nice person who is happy to help them and doesn’t think ill of them for lacking any kind of tech skills.

My book choice had to be something that I could put down in the middle of a chapter and not get back to for a week and not spend a lot of time trying to remember where I was or what was happening. Instead of choosing a new book to read I decided on an old favorite. Can you tell how loved this book is?

I’ve had it since high school when I had to read it for class. As far as I can tell from the various underlinings in pen and pencil and colored pencil, check marks and smiley faces and exclamation points in the margins, I have read the book four times or it could be three times and my sister once because her name is on the flyleaf in spite of the book being mine so she probably used it for school too. I can’t remember for sure but I think the last time I read the book was in grad school or just after. A few years have passed since then.

What a joy it was today when I snuck into a room and closed the door, took a bite of my sandwich and read

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife. 

I sighed a sigh so full of emotion and meaning I can’t begin to detail it all. The building could have begun to fall down around me and I would have read on in complete contentment.

Very soon I was laughing out loud at Mrs. Bennett and shaking my head at Mr. Bennett and loving how he so antagonizes his wife. And then the affable Mr. Bingley comes on the scene and suddenly I am at the ball and the glowering Mr. Darcy won’t dance with Lizzy. And later Jane is saying how nice Mr. Bingley’s sister’s are and I found myself murmuring to Jane, be careful dear Jane, they are not nice at all.

I am so happy to be reading this book again. And as I sit here at my desk I see on my reading plan for the year I have “re-read P&P.” I had forgotten all about that plan. Or maybe I didn’t and what I thought was a whim has been percolating in my brain for a while. Whatever caused me to reach for Pride and Prejudice I am so glad I did.