I’ve pretty much decided to do the digital library concentration for my MLIS and then with my four free electives that the concentration allows possibly take a specialization class in the humanities, another in academic librarianship, possibly one in instruction (though I am not certain yet whether the instruction class is geared toward media specialists planning on working in grade school libraries), and I’m not sure what else. Those electives could also get used in learning things like XML, Perl, or Java programming. You know, some academic library positions that offer tenure also want you to have a second language, I wonder if I could count computer programming languages in that instance? They can be just as hard as Spanish or German.

So I have an idea about job requirements and what classes I should take, I peruse job postings. I think I have found a dream of a job and I will take whatever classes I have to in order to get one like this:

Librarian for Digital Humanities Research
Research Services and Collections
Yale University
Librarian I-III

The University and the Library
One of the world’s leading research libraries, Yale University Library is a full partner in teaching, research, and learning at Yale and is visited by scholars from around the world. A distinctive strength is its rich spectrum of resources, including approximately thirteen million volumes and information in all media, ranging from ancient papyri to early printed books to electronic databases. The Library is engaging in numerous projects to expand access to its physical and digital collections. Housed in twenty-two buildings including the Sterling Memorial Library, the Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library, and the new Bass Library, it employs a dynamic and diverse staff of nearly six-hundred who offer innovative and flexible services to library readers.

General Purpose
Digital humanities is an evolving specialization in librarianship that requires a combination of technical skill and strong background in the humanities, knowledge about how technology is transforming research, and energy for collaborating with students, faculty, and staff. We are looking for a creative, technically-grounded, visionary person to serve as an advisor, advocate, and implementer for digital humanities resources at Yale University Library. Reporting to the Head of Research Services and Collections (RSC), the Librarian for Digital Humanities Research will work closely with subject specialists, the department coordinator for research education, the Library Web Manager and other members of the Library’s technology department, and affiliates of the Collaborative Learning Center in order to provide the vision and strategic leadership for incorporating current and future technologies into the research activities of the humanities community at Yale University. The successful candidate will also participate in the development of the collection in an area related to his or her academic background.

The Librarian for Digital Humanities Research will employ information and Internet technologies to help Yale-affiliated researchers in the humanities make use of the rich collections available at the Yale University Library. The Librarian for Digital Humanities Research will offer consultation for faculty members’ research, and will research Web technologies (such as Zotero, RSS, mashups, tagging, and social networking sites) and promote them, as appropriate, to Yale faculty and students and library staff. Develops and tracks personal and departmental technology goals in collaboration with the head of RSC, the Library Web Manager and the head of Web, Workstation & Digital Consulting Services. In addition, the Librarian for Digital Humanities will collaborate with the Library Web Manager and other units to develop databases and portals for disseminating Library resources in support of humanities research, and to design and implement an integrated next-generation technological presence for the Library in general; ensure that RSC web pages conform to guidelines and usability standards established by the library technology group; and provide a high level of office technology support to the department. The successful candidate will coordinate RSC’s participation in the implementation of a Library-wide web content management system. The Librarian for Digital Humanities Research will be professionally active and serve on select Library-wide committees, engage in research and service to meet the library requirements for promotion, and will assume collection development responsibilities appropriate to the successful candidate’s academic background. May be required to assist with disaster recovery situations.

At the rate of one class per quarter I won’t be done with school until June 2011. Maybe by that time the person who gets this job now will be vacating it for something else. Or maybe I had better start working on my persuasion techniques so I can convince the person it is time to move on. Or, if all else fails, I’ll start saving now so I will have a fund from which to pay Guido to do my persuading for me.