I am on page 1255 of Clarissa having read a few extra pages during the week. I fully intended to read more today but the gray and rainy, yes rainy, day has sapped all motivation of any kind from me. It does not help that the wind has picked up and is blowing hard and gusting even harder as the temperature begins to plummet and the rain has turned to icy snow.

My Bookman is stuck at the airport train station after his day of work there. The trains are without power because the overhead power lines they run on have frozen. Metro Transit is marshaling bus service to gather those who have been stranded at the train stations, but this takes time and my Bookman called to tell me he should be home by dinner when he is usually home by 3:00. I am unable to take our car to pick him up as it is parked at the park-and-ride because bus service to the train stations doesn’t start early enough for my Bookman to be to work on time Sunday mornings so he must drive and park. On top of my unmotivated day, I am now anxious for him to get home. But since he always travels to work with a book, I at least know he is able to read while he waits.

One thing I have done today is enjoy a series of short New York Public Library videos called Digging For Treasure at the NYPL that showcase the various special collections they have. They are wonderful little films. I, however, don’t know what I enjoyed more, the glimpse into the collections or the variety of people who do the collecting and curating and librarianing of them. One thing is for certain though, I will definitely have to make a pilgrimage to the NYPL someday.