My Bookman and I both had the day off today. We ventured out to the Mall of America to people watch and visit Barnes and Noble. At the bookstore we shared a peppermint soy mocha while we browsed. Even with a 15% off coupon we didn’t buy anything. The books we would have bought were not to be found on the shelves. But we are not so bereft because we both have the day off Friday and plan to visit Half Price Books where they are having a 20% off everything sale. I bet we don’t walk out of there empty handed!

The wait is finally over! I discovered this afternoon that Europeana is back up. It is slow and there are parts of it that have not been enabled yet and it helps to know what you are looking for. I did play with the Timeline feature though where you can choose a date and browse images for that year. There were lots of place holders but it has lots of potential.

I have only 100 pages left to finish Clarissa!

Finally, let it never be said that librarians don’t know how to party:

For those who are expecting Santa to arrive tonight, may you find wonderful books in your stocking and under the tree tomorrow!