Unless a miracle happens, it is not likely that I will be completing any additional books in 2008. I finished 51 books this year, a surprising number since I thought I’d end up at 45 because of school taking up so much time. But all the plays I read this year probably made the difference since they are pretty short compared to a novel.

Here are some statistics:

Books Completed: 51

Fiction: 25
Nonfiction: 16
Poetry: 3
Plays: 7

From the above:
Graphic novels: 1
Short stories: 2
Essays: 5
Books in translation: 12

Published BCE: 8
Before 1900: 8
1900 – 1999: 11
2000 and after: 24

Books by women: 14
Books by men: 35
Books by multiples authors: 2

From the library: 14
Online: 4
Own: 33

Average rating on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being excellent: 4.6
Highest score: 5
Lowest: 2

Books begun but abandoned because I just couldn’t take it anymore: 3

Five Books I liked Best:

It was hard to choose just five, there were so many good books this year. But there you have have it. The reading slate is now erased clean and I am ready for 2009. Tomorrow I will tell you my plans.