If you want to get some odd looks on public transit, read Sexing the Cherry by Jeanette Winterson. The title is so suggestive that I’ve been getting second looks and stares. It probably doesn’t help that I keep trying to suppress giggles because the book is often funny.

I discovered a really cool database today. The Mind is a Metaphor, is a free online database that currently contains 8,758 eighteenth-century metaphors of mind. It is great fun to browse and you can filter by author’s gender, nationality, occupation, politics and religion as well as by genre. You can also search by publication year. Have fun!

Via the American Library Association newsletter I found a really cool picture of the Minneapolis Public Library circa 1900. The building was in the Romanesque Revival style and built in 1884. It no longer exists which is a shame. If you scroll down the page, you can see photos of the library that was built a couple years ago. People are saying the new library reminds them of an Ikea bookshelf. That made me laugh because, well, it kinda does have that look and I never thought of it before. It’s appropriate though since so many Scandinavians–or Scandihoovians as I’ve heard said here many times–settled in the area. Heck, we’ve got a Swedish Institute here and Swedish Heritage Days celebrations. I think the Norwegians have something too. As a person of mostly German ancestry, I find it all a bit surreal but very entertaining.

Off to do some homework. Class this quarter just might be the end of me. I am very behind on blog reading and comments. Please forgive me. I hope to catch up, and then fall behind again, in the next day or so.