I thought I’d give the answers to Emily’s meme in a post instead of as a comment. Turns out you all know me pretty well. Who knew you were really paying attention?

  1. Answer: b, library and information science. About four years ago the answer would have been are you kidding? But it’s amazing what a person will do when she doesn’t like her job anymore and feels stuck in a rut. While astrophysics would be fascinating especially if I got to hang with Brian Greene, and while I would someday like to take the master gardening certificate courses at the University of Minnesota, I am currently enrolled in library school.
  2. Answer: c, El Cajon, California. I think I have mentioned I was born in El Cajon once or twice, but I have mentioned many times I am originally from California. I have never been to New York or Paris and I have only ever driven through Yuma.
  3. Answer: a, Cindy. She makes it easy for you obsessive comment readers by signing her name as Cindy, your sister. And besides, who else could leave such snarky comments and get away with it?

  4. Answer: c, Half Price Books. I was surprised how many of you remembered that my husband worked at Barnes and Noble at one time. While he was working there the funds were probably evenly divided between B&N and Half Price Books. But now that he has moved on to airport bookstores, Half Price Books is where I go unless I am craving a soy mocha, have a gift card, or wanting a just published book. And HPB sales can’t be beat!
  5. Answer: a, Waldo and Dickens. Though when I was coming up with fake names I thought Austen and Bronte sounded pretty good and would have worked even for my boy cats. I also realized I haven’t posted any cute photos of (Ralph) Waldo (Emerson) and (Charles) Dickens in awhile. I’ll have to see if I can get them to hold still and look cute for a photo op.
  6. Answer: c, Kindle. I try to avoid reading books on my MacBook. When e-book readers first came out I was appalled and it took me a long time to even consider owning one. After much research and serious feature consideration, the Kindle won out.
  7. Answer: d, vegan. There is always someone weirder than you right? For vegans, or at least this vegan, fruititarians and raw foodies are weird. And besides, to have an all fruit diet in Minnesota would be way too expensive, we aren’t exactly known for our fine pineapples.
  8. Answer: b, ballroom dancing. I have ridden on motorcycles before but never a Harley and since I am vegan the black leather biker gear is a no-go. The thought of rearranging books on bookstore shelves is appealing sometimes but I am not one of those annoying people who move the Bible to the fiction section or try to hide Ann Coulter books. And while going to the Mall of America tends to lead me to wander around in an aimless daze, ballroom dancing is an activity my Bookman and I have been enjoying together for ten years.
  9. Answer: a, gardening. I’ve only ever been on water skis and I have never been on a sailboat. Football, I do enjoy a good game of soccer (watching it that is, I have no ambition to run up and down a grassy field anymore), but American football, I couldn’t care less about. Gardening, however, is something I love in spite of my allergies.
  10. Answer: d, Adrienne Rich. I didn’t mean for this one to be such a stumper. I thought you all probably thought I was a broken record since every time it seems I talk about poetry I mention my favorite poet Adrienne Rich. Maybe I don’t mention it as often as I thought?

Thanks to everyone for playing along. I had fun reading all your guesses. I feel like I should give away a prize or something but I have nothing to giveaway at the moment. Working on that though. Have a great weekend everyone!