Dorothy posted the other day about being frustrated that there were so many different types of books she wanted to read right now but couldn’t. I know exactly how she feels! She then made a list of the different categories of books she was particularly interested in. So I am going to take her idea and post my own list:

  • Science books, especially neuroscience I love brain stuff. I also like books about astronomy and string theory for the lay person. I loved Brian Greene’s Fabric of the Cosmos and want to read his other book. I am also interested in biological and environmental science.
  • Technology books. I was going to include this as part of science but I think it warrants a category of its own so I can include the theoretical and the practical in it. On the theoretical side are books like The Singularity is Near and Everything is Miscellaneous. On the practical side are books on website design, semantic web coding, and PHP programming.
  • Ancient Greece and Rome. I’ve made a good start on the Ancient Greeks but there is so much more I want to read and then when I am done, Rome seems to follow naturally.
  • Victorian novels, particularly the big fat ones. To me this says I have all the time in the world and am not in a hurry. I would really like to be in such a blissful state right now.
  • Virginia Woolf. Really for as much as I love Woolf I have shamefully read hardly any of her fiction. I’d like to read all of her writings both fiction and nonfiction and then of course wrapped into that are her contemporaries, or at least the people she knew and admired or envied.
  • Philosophy. I would very much like to read through the history of philosophy. In my Ancient Greece category I include Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, but they go here too. I am also interested in modern philosophical books particularly ones on ethics.
  • Literary criticism both books and essays. I have Nabokov’s lectures, several books by Umberto Eco, and a book by Elizabeth Hardwick but there are plenty of others I’d like to read too.
  • Letters and diaries and books about letters and diaries that delve into the psychological, social and cultural aspects of them.

I’m certain I could think of more, but those are the ones foremost in my mind at the moment. I offer up the reader’s lament, if only I were wealthy or someone would pay me to read all day!

On a side note, completely unrelated, I managed to shelve the cart of legal journals I tipped over the other day without further incident. I also found out from other people at the library that they have done the same thing before. It seems tipping over a full book cart is a sort of right of passage.