I am really glad I heeded all the comments to stick with the Sandman stories. I just finished Sandman: The Doll’s House last night and enjoyed it very much. These stories had much more subtlety, felt more cohesive and did some interesting character building. I liked the art a lot better too, though I was somewhat bothered toward the end when Rosie’s nightie? bed sheet? Kept swirling around for no reason first with two straps, then with one, revealing her pert little butt here, a breast there. I totally hate it when my clothes do things like that.

Anyway, every now and then a dream vortex is born into the world. The Sandman has no idea why this happens, he only knows that he must destroy the vortex because if he doesn’t, it sucks in the dreams of other people and once destroyed an entire civilization. The vortex happens to be Rosie, the one who has trouble with keeping her bedsheet/nightie on. She doesn’t know this though. Rosie also turns out to be the granddaughter of one of the characters from the previous book. Running alongside of Rosie’s story is a serial killer convention that involves a creature originally created by the Sandman but who had escaped the dream world while the Sandman was incapacitated in the previous book. Of course these two storylines eventually intersect.

The doll house theme runs throughout the book not as you might expect. There is a real doll house, but there is also the idea that we are all nothing but dolls, that we think we are the ones in control of our lives but really we aren’t. Rosie even rents a room in a house for awhile sharing it with a transvestite performer named Miss Dolly, a couple named Ken (Kenneth) and Barbie (Barbara), along with a few other eccentrics.

It was a fun, quick read and there were even some creepy moments. I’ll definitely progress to volume 3 sometime but I just have to figure out what library I can get it from. I might have to put a hold on it and wait my turn. That’s ok though, I don’t think I’d like reading through all of them in quick succession. A few month’s time elapsing between each one is short enough for the story to still be fresh and long enough so I don’t get tired of it.