I have returned from my sojourn with the parents and sister and a goodly portion of the rest of the family. It was lovely seeing everyone. My mom hosted a party so I got to chat with everyone including my 11 year-old bookworm cousin who had his nose in his book whenever he could. His younger brother obligingly gave me a lesson in all the things his Nintendo DS2 could do after I made the mistake of calling it a Gameboy. He was very forgiving even when I told him that I used to play Mario on a huge video game machine in an arcade. Towards the end of the evening he even gave me one of his duplicate squishies, these soft little rubber toys small enough to fit over a pencil eraser that are apparently all the rage. I took it to work with me today and now I have a blue octopus squishy sitting on top of the computer monitor to keep me company and remind me of my little cousin whose mother I used to babysit.

My family also found my “accent” quite amusing and decided that I sounded just like they do in the movie Fargo. Now I know people who do sound like this:

but I am not among them. I suppose to the uninitiated ear, everyone from Minnesota sounds like that with no degree of difference. I am just grateful they didn’t try to make me “talk Minnesotan” or tell a Sven and Ole joke.

As I mentioned before I left I took my Kindle with me, loaded with books and ready for any contingency. I am so glad I had it too. My plane leaving Minneapolis was delayed well over an hour, and since you have to get to the airport so early anyway, it was a long wait. I needed something to make me laugh because I was feeling pretty grumpy, so chose P.G. Wodehouse’s My Man Jeeves. It was just the thing to lift my mood and by the time they finally announced we could board the plane I was fairly snorting out loud with laughter.

Once on the plane though I needed something soothing so I went with Elizabeth and Her German Garden by Elizabeth von Arnim. It too was perfect. I didn’t finish it on the plane but continued to enjoy it in spare moments like at 5 a.m. San Diego time when everyone else was sleeping but my body said, “Hey! It’s 7 a.m., wake up you lazy bones!” So I would read until 6 when I’d hear my dad beginning to stir. Then I would get up and make us some coffee and we’d have breakfast and a cuppa together.

The flight home was the first of the morning from San Diego so there was no delay in leaving. I finished reading Elizabeth and her German Garden not long after take off. It helped me block out the screaming baby in the seat behind me. The baby fell asleep and I went back to Jeeves which helped loosen up the tension brought on by the screaming. And I chuckled my way back to Minneapolis where Bookman, Waldo and Dickens were all very happy to see me.

I have a couple more Jeeves stories left that I will try to finish soon. Tomorrow I will do a proper write up of the von Arnim. Tonight it is back to reading for school. Yes, that’s right, quarter break is over, school is in session again. Did that time ever fly.

I’ve got lots of comments to catch up on too that you all so graciously left while I was away so be patient with me while reply to all of them.