Is it just me or are Fridays good days for mish-mash kinds of posts that have a variety of interesting but unrelated things in them? Well I’m going to say it’s a great day for such things and ask you to politely ignore the fact that I also sometimes say Mondays and Wednesdays are great days for them too and if Tuesdays and Thursdays ever crop up as great days for mish-mash posts just execute one of those vague smiles and say “ri-ight” in that tone of voice, you know which one I am talking about, and humor me.

Has everyone heard the buzz about Amazon announcing its ebook sales are higher than its hardback sales in the U.S.? The media outlets are all a-chatter about it and of course all the “end of the paper book is nigh” people are hooting and hollering. The din is atrocious.

So I found a quiet corner and discovered a month-old article at Slate about Why ebooks will never replace real books. Saner minds of course know that print and digital are not mutually exclusive prospects like Harry Potter v. Voldemrt, but can coexist in harmony with each enhancing the other, each filling a need with the right format for the right situation. Unfortunately the saner minds are currently getting drown out by the din.

And are you wondering what the next big pop culture wave after cupcakes might be? Some say it might be libraries. How awesome would that be? Finally everyone would understand what we’ve all known since we were wee tots and first learned to say the word “book.”

This “ark” is not lost but I’d sure like to raid it anyway. At the end the architect jokes about it being the worst Ikea bookcase ever, but if my Ikea sold it I’d be first in line to buy.

Have a great weekend everyone!