I still don’t have the oomph to do a review like I promised so instead today I will point you toward a (fairly) recent article at the Huffington Post on the 15 Most Overrated Contemporary American Writers. Some of the writers I have no problem with being on the list, others — Mary Oliver, Billy Collins — I think don’t belong there. The article’s author is going to do an underrated list too. It will be interesting to see who appears on that.

I haven’t read Jonathan Franzen but I find myself wondering if perhaps he shouldn’t be on the overrated list instead of being on the cover of Time Magazine. Yes it is unfair of me to judge since I admitted to not having read him. Have you, reader, read him? And what did you think? Should I bother? Does he deserve to be on the cover of Time? Is he really a “Great American Novelist?”

Off to work on an – Ack! – group project for school!