Well, my post about Jonathan Safran Foer’s book yesterday got quite a response! Thanks for all the varied comments and perspectives. I just want to emphasize in case it got missed in what is an issue that goes right to who we are and how we live our lives, that JSF (and myself) are not about demanding everyone become vegetarian/vegan. The book is about what it means to eat animals and the goal is for everyone, including those who do not eat meat, to be aware of where our food comes from and the consequences of our food choices. Because the food we eat doesn’t just affect us, the person who is eating it. The consequences of industrial animal farming as it is practiced in the United States are far reaching (as is a good deal of industrial agricultural farming). It is important for all of us to educate ourselves so that we can make informed decisions.

But it’s Friday. It’s been a long week for me. Has it been a long week for you? How about a little geeky silliness? How many things can you check off on this Geek to-do list? I can check off 9 1/2. The half is the how to survive a zombie attack. I’m not sure about that one but I do know How to Survive a Robot Uprising for which I think I should get more geek cred than zombies. If some of the things on the list had you baffled, you can find a few of the answers here. And if you are a total geek or want to to be able to call out your geek friends, be sure to review the top 10 geek sins that will get your geek card revoked.

And while we are on the subject of geeks, if there are any rock and roll librarians out there the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum is looking for a public services librarian.

Rock on!