Bookman and I have had a lovely couple of days just hanging out and relaxing. We watched a couple of movies – Dangerous Liaisons with Glenn Close was one of them and it is surprisingly very close to the book. It cuts out a lot and some of the timeline is rearranged, but I was impressed by how well it stuck with the main plot. We also had some fun playing cribbage. I had fun anyway since I won both games but I shouldn’t gloat because Bookman will probably skunk me next time we play. And of course there has been reading.

Bookman has been reading and enjoying Stephen King’s latest and I have been mostly reading 2666. I’ve got through the first three parts and keep thinking I will write up a summary but when I try to summarize it I am stumped. It is the oddest book but I am enjoying it very much. Hopefully by the end I will be able to say what it is about.

Today we ventured out to Half Price Books for their 20% off everything sale. Maybe we weren’t in the mood, maybe it was the stock, but we couldn’t even spend $20. How sad is that? I still managed to find three books though:

My first week of vacation has gone pretty well. Now I am on to week two. The cats and I have got the routine figured out and all of the necessary reading accessories have migrated to the bookshelf ledge by the sofa. There are no special meals to plan, shop for and cook, no cards or letters to write except for a couple of thank you notes and nothing in particular that has to be done. Bookman, unfortunately, will be very busy at work, but the cats and I are looking forward to one big fat lazy week.