I finished reading Bolaño’s 2666 last night! I’ve been reading this big book since the end of December 2010. It has been a long and curious journey and I am still digesting so it will be a few days before I can gather my thoughts on the book. I liked it though and definitely want to read more Bolaño which is good because I have Savage Detectives and one other of his books on my shelf.

Because I work for a Catholic University I am at the beginning of a four-day weekend for the Easter holiday. I can’t say how glad I am about that. I will have school work to do including a field trip to a library to evaluate their humanities reference collection, but it won’t be all school all the time. Tomorrow is supposed to be a rainy day and I plan on spending a good part of it curled up with the cats and a book or two or three. I plan on beginning Gabriel Josipovici’s What Ever Happened to Modernism? I hope to also read the last essay in Moretti’s Graphs Maps Trees. And I think I will finally get to Euripides’ Alcestis, a play I had planned on reading back in February but somehow that just didn’t work out.

My commute/lunchtime book is currently Shades of Grey by Jasper Fforde. I am enjoying it. The funny thing is though, since I am reading a print copy, one of my coworkers asked me today where my Kindle was. Speaking of Kindle though, have you heard the news that OverDrive, the company that offers e-book lending to libraries in the U.S. has made a deal with Amazon and they will soon be making Kindle books available for lending through the public library. Happiness!

That about sums things up for the moment. I am going to try to not spend much time online over my four days other than for school. I’m not going unplugged, just trying to limit myself so as to have as much time “away” from the computer and with books and hopefully the garden as possible. Time slows down when not on the computer and I want this four-day weekend to last as long as possible.