How nifty is this? 24 hours of fictional time.

Also pretty nifty: National Jukebox. Over 10,000 78rpm disc sides from Victor Talking Machine Company issued from 1900-1925 digitized and online for free. Brought to you by the Library of Congress. I enjoyed listening to a few songs sung by Enrico Caruso. A wonderful resource and potential time suck.

Not so nifty: my remodeled library branch. I’ve waited a year and half for it to reopen and was going to participate in organizing the reopening extravaganza that took place last weekend but time constraints did not allow it. This evening I visited for the first time to pick up a book on hold and so Bookman could find an audiobook. The library was remodeled and expanded and while it looks pretty with lots of light and blonde wood and open space, there are fewer bookshelves and lots more computers. There were never really that many bookshelves to begin with since it is a small neighborhood branch, but I had hoped with the expansion there would be more books. Alas, I should have known better. I kind of want my old, dimly lit library back. It had character and more books.