If you read a book a day, it would take 60,000 years to read every book currently cataloged in the Library of Congress. Not sure whether or not that figure accounts for leap years or not. Still, can you imagine? Would you want to live 60,000 years in order to read all those books (let’s pretend that the Library of Congress is actually your TBR pile)? And just think, in those 60,000 years, there will be more books added. A person could never catch up!

I gleaned the above piece of information about LOC from C-Span, of all places. But the really awesome thing is that they have a brand new 90 minute documentary on the LOC and you can watch the complete version of it online for free. I know what I will be watching this weekend.

But back to the 60,000 years. Seriously, would you want to live that long? And what if you didn’t want to read a book a day, what if you only wanted to read a book every couple of days? That would add thousands of more years. And you wouldn’t get to reread anything either. I kind of like the idea of having 60,000 (or more) years so I could read all the books I want to. What if you couldn’t die until you had read everything you wanted to? On the day you finish a book and said, “that’s it, I’m done reading. There are no more books I want to read,” you then fall into a deep sleep and quietly pass away, never to open your eyes and read another page again. Would you want that life? Part of me says, “heck yeah!” and part of me says maybe not. I’m not certain I want to see what this planet is like in 100 years much less 60,000. But then I kind of want to know if humanity ever gets its act together. So I would take that 60,000+ years and if things got really bad or I got tired of it all, I’d only have to say the magic words of release. The hard part would be saying them and really meaning it.