About a month ago a coworker and I were talking about books and she said she really liked reading short stories, that she read more short stories than any other kind of fiction. I said I liked short stories but I hardly ever read them because I prefer long fiction.

As these things go I realized that since that conversation I have read a book of short stories (The Persimmon Tree), am now in the midst of another book of short stories (Fantastic Women), received three books of Asian short stories in the mail from Cheng & Tsui Company, and just received a review e-book of Jason Sanford’s Never Never Stories. For someone who doesn’t reads short stories often I am suddenly swimming in them. And you know what? They are great! They make great before bed reading as well as at moments when I want to read something but have only 20 minutes or a half hour and don’t feel like reading anything that I’m going to have to quit mid-chapter.

If my coworker knew I was reading all these short stories, she’d be calling me a liar about now. But really, I read two books of short stories last year, two the year before that, and two the year before that. So it appears I generally read two short story collections a year and that this is a banner year for them as I am already reading collection number two and have four more collections lined up.

Is it because I said I don’t read many short stories? If so, I wonder if it will work with other things? The lottery jackpot is up to $133 million. I don’t play the lottery very often because I never win anything. I am going to buy a ticket for Bookman’s birthday Saturday. It is sure to be the winning ticket, right?