The Library of Congress is cutting almost 10% of its workforce after having its budget cut by by $53 million. It is the largest cut to any legislative branch agency. In order to cut its staff, the LOC is offering early retirement to eligible workers over the age of 50, or about 1,000 of its 4,000 employees.

That’s just depressing.

Perhaps I should buy some literature inspired sneakers to cheer myself up? I’m kind of liking the Scarlet Letter and Animal Farm ones.

Off to unwind. The 1Ls are having orientation this week so the library is suddenly very busy. We are still moving books in the library. Then I come home and move my own books so we can have our floors installed. We are waiting for confirmation that the floorboards will be delivered next Friday and then the following week will be noise and dust and chaos resulting in beautiful floors. We got the carpet out of the living room and have to look at a dirty plywood floor. Now we get to pull up the vinyl flooring in the kitchen. Fun times! I should get myself those sneakers as a reward for surviving the floor project!