I have two books I finished this week, Marguerite Yourcenar’s Memoirs of Hadrian, and just this evening on the train coming home, Victor Pelevin’s Helmet of Horror. But I’ve not quite got my thoughts gathered for either one of them though I enjoyed both. Tomorrow being Friday there definitely won’t be any thoughts gathered.

So this evening I figure I will just point you to an article about Library Journal’s Second Annual Ebook Survey. Some of the numbers are astonishing. Take for instance, 76% of public libraries surveyed said that ebooks have brought new users to the library. Academic libraries are included in the survey but most of the action is happening at public libraries. The amount spent on ebooks however, is more at academic libraries. I imagine this is due to the kinds of ebooks academic libraries provide in comparison to public libraries.

Still it is an interesting survey with some big changes evident in just one year. It will be interesting to follow it over the next several years to see where this whole ebooks and libraries thing goes.