I checked out an e-book for the first time last week from the library for my Kindle. It was really easy to do and I didn’t have to fiddle with downloading any software or anything. It is kind of weird that the book gets downloaded from Amazon but other than that, pretty spiffy! Now, I only get the book for 15 days and it’s been six days and I am only about 20% of the way through the book. The book, because I know you are wondering, is Bill Bryson’s At Home, and since I am only reading it on my public transit commute, I very likely will not be done with it in the 15 days. Whose bright idea was it to not allow renewals on e-books? Well, here’s a tip for all you library Kindle e-book readers from Librarian By Day. Apparently, if you don’t have the wireless connection turned on when the book expires you can “extend” the due date because the book can’t be removed from your Kindle. I generally don’t have the wireless connection turned on because it drains the battery faster, but now I am definitely not going to turn it on when my book expires until I finish reading it. Does anyone know if this works for Nooks and Sony readers too?

Since we are on the topic of e-books, check this out:

Newly Hired Librarian Completely Unaware that Books Exist.

And while we are on the topic of librarians, The Food Librarian is hosting a event for National Bundt Day on November 15th. Bake a bundt, take a photo of it and submit the photo and your address to her and she will send you a button in the mail that says “I like big bundts.” I told Bookman about it and he thought it was funny, so I asked him nicely if he would bake a bundt on November 15th. He said he would if he can find the bundt pan. If he can’t find the pan, I believe we will be making a trip to Target. Bookman is going to try his hand at food blogging at Vegan Wizard and will post the bundt recipe on or around November 15th. Currently he has his vegan “cheese” recipe posted and in the next day or two will be posting his recipe for perfect chocolate chip cookies.