I’ve got a vacation coming up from the 21st through January 1st and I keep finding myself in slow moments throughout the day thinking about what I might read during my end of year reading binge opportunity. I’ve got lots of books in progress and lots of books waiting in the wings. And since I work in a library it is so easy to request books on the spur of the moment. Like I did yesterday. Now, added to my possible binge pile is Nothing: A Very Short Introduction by Frank Close. I found out about the book from the Millions Year in Reading columns. It really is short, only 145 pages. Trouble is, it is one of many in an Oxford University Press series of short introductions to subjects. There is a list of some of the titles in the book and a note that there are, as of 2009 when this book was published, over 200 books in the series. Oxford UP knows readers because I was drooling over several titles and came this close to requesting them from the library before I regained control.

Another library book that recently arrived is Craig Thompson’s Habibi. I’ve been on the wait list for this one for two months. It will be read before my vacation most likely.

Since I was looking for books, I put myself on the e-book wait list for Brian Greene’s latest, Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos. The e-book wait list was shorter than the print list. I almost got in line for the e-book of Moonwalking with Einstein as well but figured that with my luck they’d both arrive at the same time and I am already getting close to the front of the line on some print books I have requests for. Balancing all this can be quite a challenge, can’t it?

I realized the other day that all the books I am actively reading at the moment are nonfiction – a biography on Margaret Fuller, essays and lectures. I was surprised when I realized this and thought I should start a novel right away. But when it came to it I picked up one of the essay books to read. I worried about it a little off and on today and when I got home from work this evening I decided to stop worrying. If I am not in the mood for a novel there is no sense in forcing myself into one. I am sure before long I will be deep into several novels. Still, it’s kind of weird to not be reading a novel at the moment. I don’t recall that ever happening before.

Apologies for the unfocused ramble this evening. I had intended to write about Howards End is on the Landing but couldn’t bring my brain around to it. To compensate, here are instructions on how to build a hidden door bookshelf. I’ve got a place for one, not sure we have the tools and abilities needed to actually pull it off. If Bookman and I manage it though, you all will be the first to hear about it.