Pac-Man: The Movie. The world always needs more silliness and more Pac-Man. I hope there is a Ms Pac-Man sequel.

On a more serious note, translit. Have you heard of it? I hadn’t until just now, or rather, a few minutes ago. It’s supposedly a new genre that “collapses time and space as it seeks to generate narrative traction in the reader’s mind.” What I am wondering is, does that count as a genre or a narrative technique? And why create a new genre for something that is also described as a “boundary-breaking kind of novel that shatters all the too-often pigeonholing categories we use to compartmentalize modern fiction.” To call it a genre sorta puts it back in the genre box. When books transcend the usual genre boundaries, instead of calling them a new kind of genre, wouldn’t it be more useful to have a discussion on the artificiality of genre categories instead?