Not much going on today. I’m kind of emotionally worn out from my post yesterday and two more library books arriving for me. One of them I don’t remember requesting and Bookman thinks I requested it for him, but I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. Either way, Map of Time by Felix Palma looks like it will be lots of fun. It’s got H.G. Wells investigating incidents of time travel as well as trying to save literary classics from going out of existence. The book flap says it asks what happens if we change history? It also says it is a page-turner, which is good because there are 600 pages to turn and no renewals.

I have some fun things to share that will hopefully provide a bit of a laugh, perhaps some book lust, and possibly some smugness. Ready?

The Laugh
11 Ridiculous SciFi and Fantasy Book Covers. Nazi gnomes, a Martian sexpot, Jesus on Mars. My favorite is Crabs: The Human Sacrifice featuring a giant sword wielding crab about to stab a woman laid out on an altar.

The Lust
Nine Beautiful and Unique Bookshelves (via). What I notice about most of these shelves is their general lack of books. I need shelves upon which I can pack ’em in, not these artsy-fartsy things. And the book chair looks so uncomfortable I’d never read in it. The only shelves I’d consider having are the ones shaped like cows. It would be fun to have a herd of them in all different colors.

Kindle covers that look like books is more lust worthy I think. I’d love to have one of the Nancy Drew easel-style ones. It is important to me that I can stand my kindle upright on a table in front of me for hands-free reading while I eat my lunch. I would totally get a Nancy Drew cover too but it is unfortunately made with leather so this vegan will stick with her blue synthetic easel-style cover. Maybe I can figure out a way to decorate the one I have. Hmmm…

The Smug
Are eReaders Really Green?. The good news, yes if you use the same device for 5 or more years. If you are a frequent device upgrader, you can kiss your digital-is-greener argument goodbye.

Now, I’m off to discover if the Palma book is a page-turner.