I’ve been looking at my calendar for weeks with the date of October 12th marked on it to remind myself. “Don’t forget, don’t forget,” I’d say. And October 12th came and went and what did I do? I forgot!

But what did I forget, you ask? Why my blogiversary! I was thinking it was eight years but when I checked, I yelled, “holy crap!” And Bookman asked with concern, “What? What’s the matter?”

“It’s not eight years I’ve been blogging, it’s nine!”

Holy crap! Nine years of blogging!

How the time does fly. It flies because I have so much fun and I have so much fun because of you. I wouldn’t be blogging still and enjoying it so much if it weren’t for all the wonderful bookish people I have met and friends I have made. There are books and articles about finding your “tribe” and I can honestly say I have found mine. Blogging has connected me to book-loving people around the world and I am so very happy that you are all part of my life.

So thank you for another year. And thank you for being such generous and kind people. I am grateful and I am blessed.