I haven’t done a meme in ages it seems so when Andrew tagged me with the Liebster Award I had to play along. Today seems like a good day for it too since I am still a little giddy from the election results. I am to answer the seven questions Andrew poses, so here goes.

  1. What’s your favourite memory?
    I have lots of favorite memories but I guess one of my favorites is when Bookman proposed to me. I was in grad school and he picked me up in the evening after class and we walked to his car and he pulled out a ring and asked if I would marry him someday. It was a Thursday and I thought he had asked if I would marry him “Sunday.” My mistake was quickly corrected but Bookman still laughs over the look on my face.
  2. Why do you blog?
    I started blogging because I wanted to be able to talk about books without people saying things like, “You’re reading Anna Karenina for fun?!” in a breathy all aghast way as though nobody reads Ann K for fun. Also, I wanted to be able to talk about date nights at bookstores and libraries without people rolling their eyes and asking whether I didn’t have enough books to read already. I keep blogging because it’s so gosh darn fun, because I have “met” so many wonderful people, and because there are still lots of books to read and write about.
  3. What’s your most unrealistic ambition?
    Winning a multi-million dollar lottery jackpot. This ambition is even more unrealistic since I buy a lottery ticket maybe once or twice a year. But hey, it only takes one ticket with the right numbers on it! It could happen!
  4. What makes you angry?
    People who use God/religion as their reason to hate someone or something and then try to force others into going along with their hate by turning it into a law. For example, people like Richard Murdock, an Indiana senate candidate, who wants to make abortion illegal including in cases of rape because pregnancy from rape is “something God intended.” Thankfully he did not get elected.
  5. What’s your biggest regret?
    Not buying a $350 signed Virginia Woolf note (really it was just a short note of a couple lines and I don’t even remember what they said anymore) at a rare books fair and then the book and movie The Hours coming out making all things Woolf very popular and very expensive so the last time I saw something equivalent it was over $1,000. Also, there was a really cute pair of gold strappy sandals I bought one summer even though they really didn’t fit right and the one and only time I wore them I was barely able to limp home in them. It was weeks before my feet forgave me.
  6. Why do you like reading?
    You might as well as me why I like breathing.
  7. Write a mini school report for the human race. What grade would you give us, and what suggestions for improvement?
    I don’t know about mini report, but today’s grade, because I am in a good mood, is a “B.” Suggestions for improvement? If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all. Also, it’s a big sandbox but we all have to share it so play nice. And be sure to do at least one mitzvah every day. Not only will it make you feel good but it will make others feel good too and if they pay it forward, the human race might eventually earn itself an “A.”

I think I’m supposed to make up more questions and tag people, but I am going to change the rules. If you are reading this consider yourself tagged and answer at least one of the questions in the comments.