Two good things that go great together, right? Check out the CatCase, it’s a bookcase and a cat hangout all in one. Waldo and Dickens would love it I am sure but Santa won’t be bringing them one. Not because they have been particularly naughty (though they are always into something), but the Catcase says “slippery slope” to me. They start climbing one bookcase why not climb them all? And then things get knocked down and broken and they pretend as though Nancy Pearl jumped off the shelf all on her own. Dickens keeps a stoney silence while Waldo claims that he has been trying to tell me for ages that Nancy was suicidal but I just wouldn’t listen. Poor Nancy broke her shushing arm. So you see, Waldo and Dickens do not need any encouragement.

The Thanksgiving holiday is fast approaching which means I get an extra long weekend. Laziness is already taking hold of me. Of course I will not be too lazy to read! I have lots of books on the go so won’t be at a loss there. I also subscribed to the London Review of Books and have my first issue on hand. It looks like it will arrive on alternate weeks from the New York Review of Books. Whether I will be able to keep up with both of them remains to be seen. I haven’t given up on Poetry Magazine though, my mom asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I told her a subscription would be just lovely.

Posting might be light these next few days.

And if you are celebrating on Thursday, have a very happy Thanksgiving!