Goodness gracious! It’s Sunday already! I did not mean to take so many days off from blogging but it seemed there was just so much to do like eat and read and then eat and read some more and then move around a little. Then there is the, what I hope will be, awesome pair of vegan boots I bought online. I currently only own snowboots and I have been good and decided I deserved some boots of the non-snowy variety. I don’t consider myself a footwear fahsionista but sometimes a girl just needs new shoes.

We will also be having a houseguest for a few days later this week which also meant/ means giving the house an extra spit and polish as well as airing out and tidying up the guest bedroom which hasn’t been used by anyone in oh, about six years, and has become a convenient book pile overflow room and spiderweb museum. No one likes to visit us because they think it is too cold here in the winter and too humid here in the summer. Our guest is Bookman’s Auntie M. She will be arriving from her home in Las Vegas, Nevada on Wednesday afternoon where the forecast is predicting a lovely 72F (22C) and sunny. What will she be arriving to? Partly sunny and 30F (-1C). That’s very fine weather this time of year and not really cold at all. Her main objective is Duluth but she is arriving a few days early so she can visit us. Duluth will be 5-8 degrees colder than Minneapolis. I hope Auntie M has a warm coat and mittens. If not, we’ll be taking her shopping.

I also spent some time doing blog admin kinds of things like renewing my domain name and updating my 2012 books read page. I think I scared Bookman a little when I suddenly yelled “holy crap!” upon seeing how many books I have read so far this year: 69 completed (the list says 70 but one was abandoned). During my little break I finished two more (The Hanmaid’s Tale and Phoenician Women), will finish another tonight (The Bacchae) and yet another in the next couple of days (Perla). I have never read so many books in one year. My record was in pre-blogging days and is something like 62. With an entire month yet to go and an end-of-year 12-day reading binge vacation to look forward to I can’t imagine what the final number might be. I have no idea how I have managed to read so much more than usual. Plays are short but I have also read plenty of long books too. It is a mystery I don’t want to solve and will consider a fluke lest I get my hopes up for next year only to return to my usual 52-56.

The week ahead will bring some reviews of those finished books, a couple quiet days while Auntie M is here, and, I hope, a thoughtful post on a question I have been mulling over for a couple of days after reading a London Review of Books review about a book that sounded really good but then suddenly didn’t because of something the reviewer said.

The Slaves of Golconda have their next list up for voting. Everyone is welcome to participate. Check out the list and if you would like to read along, cast your vote. The selected book will be up for discussion on January 30th.

Off I go to continue making the guest room cozy and relocate books and lingering spiders.