Hello, hello! Just checking in. Plans had to change because along with Auntie M came Bookman’s mom. Auntie is off to Duluth this morning, mom is staying through Sunday afternoon. We visited Mill City Museum yesterday afternoon. Bookman and I had never been but had heard good things about it. We were both pleased with what a wonderful place this is. Worth every penny of the price of admission. Plus we learned some new things about our adopted city. Much of Minneapolis grew up around the flour mill which was at one time the largest mill in the world. It was really fascinating stuff. If you ever come to visit Minneapolis, you must put this museum on your agenda!

We made a trip to the Mall of America in the evening. People from out of town are always eager to go to this monstrosity. People who live here tend to be rather indifferent to it. I suppose it isn’t such a bad place though since it provides lots of jobs and someplace to take people from out of town.

Today will be a low-key day. Bookman and his mom are on their own and I have to work. I do have a couple of bookish links you might find interesting:

  • Because I read Ann K recently Is Anna Karenina a Love Story? was an especially interesting article. It talks about the movie, the book, and whether Tolstoy meant for Anna’s to be viewed as a tragic love story.
  • With Philip Hensher’s book, The Missing Ink, getting buzz lately, Some States Buck the trend and preserve penmanship caught my eye. California, the state in which I grew up, is one of the few states that still require students to learn cursive in school. It’s still taught in 3rd grade, just like when I was a kid. Ah memories.
  • Not really news to us, but a recent study shows that reading, writing and playing games helps aging brains stay healthy. “Reading the newspaper, writing letters, visiting a library, attending a play or playing games, such as chess or checkers, are all simple activities that can contribute to a healthier brain.” I am so glad they didn’t say crossword puzzles or sudoku. I am not a fan. More power and puzzles to you if you are.

Off to work now. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!