Yesterday’s conversation was about the physicality of books, today, let’s talk about notebooks. Bookish people tend to like books with words already in them as well as books that are blank and waiting to be filled by their own hands. I know I do. You should see the shelf of notebooks I have collected over the years, oh wait! You can, sort of:


I couldn’t get all of them in the photo, the shelf stretches off to the left out of the frame for almost the same length that is in the photo. The vertical pile on the right are unused notebooks waiting their turn. You are looking up at them because they are on a high shelf in a closet. They are in a closet not because I don’t want them to be seen, but because I don’t have enough shelf space outside of the closet on which they might reside.

Sometimes I wish I had the foresight to buy all the same kind and size of notebook over the years because a regular and even shelf of notebooks seems like it would look so much more substantial. But people, knowing I like notebooks, have given them to me as gifts through the years in addition to the ones I’ve bought on a whim. Despite my longing for the elegance of regularity, I don’t have the heart to give any of the yet-to-be-used ones up to a charity shop. I console myself with how much personality my motley assortment has.

All that to lead up to this video in which the guy spends ten minutes comparing a Moleskine with a Leuchtturm 1917.

Ten minutes! It’s great in its notebook geekiness and has me wanting to give a Leuchtturm 1917 a try sometime especially since they have page numbers and come in a variety of colors.

Has anyone ever tried a Rhodia Webnotebook? They only come in all black or orange and black but the paper is reportedly luscious and likes fountain pens.

That’s enough rambling for one evening. Can you tell it’s Thursday and I am low on energy? Just one more thing, do you have a favorite brand of notebook?