Am I the first to turn “app” into a verb? Probably not but let bask a moment anyway. Okay enough basking.

Shakespeare geeks rejoice! Folger Shakespeare library, with the largest collection of Shakespeare manuscripts, has gone digital! Now you can read twelve plays online and there are more to come. The text comes from Folger Library editions and can even be downloaded as a PDF. Unfortunately, if your Elizabethan English is rusty like mine, there are no footnotes to help you out.

There is free code though. The free code means that tech geeks can turn the plays into apps and multimedia experiences. It also means digital humanities people can do some creative research. I’m not interested in the research though, just the apps. I mean how cool would it be to say, “Othello? Sure, there’s an app for that!” Any book bloggers out there who know how to code and build apps?

Tomorrow, Friday, will be one of those fun days that sometimes happen in a library where we get to leave the library for a little while and gather with colleagues and have some fun. My library is part of a local library consortium of small private universities and every year about this time we get together for a catered luncheon. They are even so very nice enough to allow me to request a vegan meal. We always have a speaker and this year it will be author Leif Enger. Enger is a successful Minnesota author. I have not read either of his books. When I found out he was going to be our luncheon speaker I pulled his book Peace Like a River from my shelf and even put it on my “in progress” list on the sidebar. Sadly, before I was even able to start it, my turn came up for a library book I have been in the queue for since September/October and, well, you know how it is.

I am sure after Friday I will be really keen on reading his book but it will have to be pushed down my personal book queue. After I finish the library book (Garden of Evening Mists) I will need to start reading Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall. I’m reading it along with Litlove which will be all kinds of fun. She’s got a bit of a head start on me but I’ll catch up when my end-of-year vacation starts next week on the 20th. Reading binge! I can hardly wait. So maybe I’ll get to Peace Like a River after that. My crystal ball is murky when it comes to future reading and when it might happen.

Speaking of future reading, it’s the time of year when I start thinking of goals for next year. I haven’t written anything down yet but I have a very long mental list going that will have to be pared down. I suspect if I continue to leave the list in my head my memory will oblige me and do the paring with little conscience help from me. What am I thinking about reading next year? We’ll all just have to wait and see.