Oh, oh, oh! Here’s a fun article for you: Secret Lives of Readers. It talks about the growing interest in studying the history of reading along with how people interacted with their books and what their reading experiences were like. Be prepared to add some book titles to your TBR list!

The article also talks about an online database called Reading Experience Database, or RED. There is a UK, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada database and the Netherlands is working on one. The point of them all is to capture reading tastes and habits not just of writers or famous people, but of ordinary people young and old, rich and poor. The UK database is especially rich in information about reading during WWI. And most the fantastic thing of all is that everyone is welcome to contribute submissions. Each database has its own form so if you want to find out how to contribute, click on the country you are interested in and then you will see a navigation bar “contribute” link. Have fun exploring!

On a side note, I am now on vacation through January 1st. I’ll still be posting though it might be a little lighter than usual, we’ll see how lazy I get. Now, time to begin my reading binge!