Ah 2012, you were a very good reading year! There was new fiction and old, new authors and favorite authors and new authors that became favorite authors. There was nonfiction and poetry, plays and essays. Long books and short books. Here is some fun breaking it all down.

Books read: 78 (a record in my reading history! Usually I read 52-56 books a year. My record was 63 pre-blogging. There are two books I finished that I haven’t blogged about yet but will soon.)

Books begun but abandoned: 2

Fiction: 44 (13 more than 2011)
Nonfiction: 26 (7 more than 2011)
Poetry: 4 (2 more than 2011)
Plays: 4 (same as 2011)

Break down from all the above.

Books of essays: 7
Fantasy/ SF genre: 9
Graphic novels: 2
Short story collections: 2
Memoir/biography: 6
Books about books/reading/literature: 10
Books about science popular or otherwise: 3
Books about history: 2
Mystery genre: 1

Books by women: 41
Books by men: 36
Books by men and women: 1

Rereads: 3

Pub dates.
2012: 15
2011: 21
2000 – 2010: 15
1950 – 1999: 8
1900 – 1949: 7
19th century: 8
BCE: 4

In translation: 11 (Greek, Spanish, German, Russian, Brazilian Portuguese, Arabic, Japanese)

Books over 500 pages: 8
Longest book: 1Q84 by Haruki Murakami at 925 pages
Shortest book: Native Guard: Poems by Natasha Trethewey at 51 pages

Book source/format
ARCs: 7 (one of these was an e-galley)
Kindle: 14 (all but one of these were public domain books, the remaining one I bought)
Library: 42 (one of these was borrowed as an e-book from the library)
Owned in print: 15 (seven of these were books I owned before 2012, two were gifts received this year, the remaining 6 I bought this year)

The trouble with reading more books than usual is that there are so many more books I read and loved this year than ever before so deciding on a favorite or even five favorites or even five favorites and some other books I really, really liked is hard to do. But I did it with much waffling.

Favorite books, in particular order:

Honorable Mentions:

Thank you to everyone reading for helping to make 2012 such a good year. Happy New Year to you all, and may 2013 be one of joy and peace and lots of great reading!