I was already thinking I’d like to read some collections of letters this year but it was only a vague amorphous desire that hadn’t congealed around anything. I just keep noticing the book Letters of the Century: America, 1900-1999 on one of my basement bookshelves every time I walk by it and then I think, “hmm, I should read that.”

But thanks to Melwyk at The Indextrious Reader, my desire now has a focus, the Postal Reading Challenge. It is a year-long challenge and you can sign up at anytime. No lists need to be made in advance, books can overlap with other challenges or be rereads, you just have to review them online somewhere be it a blog or Goodreads or LibraryThing. Books can be fiction or nonfiction, collections of letters, books about letter writing, epistolary fiction or a book in which letters or the post office are the main focus. Fun, right?

While I already send at least twelve pieces of mail every year, I don’t think I can commit to the Air Mail Express Level which also means reading twelve postal related books. I want to actually complete the challenge so I am going to aim for the Postcard Level, four books with a postal theme, and If I manage more it will be a bonus. Though I just now realize that I finished a book on Friday that will fit right in with this challenge so maybe Air Mail Express isn’t out of the question after all. I had better start the evidence trail for mail I put in the post just in case!

I have a list of letter collections and letter related fiction and nonfiction going at WorldCat that I am sure I will be adding to as time goes on. I also already own quite a few books as evidenced by my letters tag at LibraryThing. I’ll be making selections from these lists. Of course, whim might lead me to something on neither list. How exciting!

On a side note, Danielle has begun her Lost in the Stacks Home Edition featuring my bookshelves! Go check it out.