Just a short post tonight. We got a little over 9 inches (23 cm) of snow yesterday. Not only is shoveling it all off the sidewalk a lot of work but so is getting around in it. So I am worn out. But I have two nifty tech-related things to share.

Ever wonder what your library catalog searches might look like translated into light you could see? Me either, but Filament Mind does just that. The Teton County Library in Wyoming wanted something cool for their grand opening and they got it. Filament Mind is an art installation that visualizes library searches in flashes of colored lights. It took five miles of fiber-optic cables and 44 LED illuminators to create this visual marvel. WordPress doesn’t let me embed vimeo video so go check out the video and article at Wired (via Library Stuff).

Something totally different but equally cool, airwriting. It is a new way to enter text into a computer or mobile device, no keyboard needed. Sensors attached to a glove translate your hand movements into text so you can write in the air and see your words appear on the screen. I doubt we will be seeing one our devices anytime soon, but it could be really interesting watching people writing in the air. What would space aliens think? I mean, how strange would it be to see a bunch of people waving their hands in the air and not paying attention to one another? The article doesn’t say anything about bad handwriting and what happens when your gestures aren’t recognized. Things still to be worked out most likely.