Happy Pi Day!

Last year Bookman and I celebrated unconventionally with unround strawberry hand pies. This year we have gone back to traditional and round with pumpkin pie. We even drew a pi on top of it though it looks more like Stonehenge than pi. Bookman isn’t very good at drawing.

Pumpkin Pi

Pumpkin Pi

We used the rest of the pumpkin we grew in our garden last year, but our recipe takes three cups and we only had two. So Bookman hurried to the store to get a can of organic pumpkin to top us up to three cups. He could not find organic and asked someone. The guy took him over to the empty shelf and exclaimed in surprise. He knew for a fact there had been several cans of organic pumpkin there just a day or two ago and was baffled about them suddenly being all gone. Bookman said, “It’s Pi Day, that’s why they are gone!” And the guy had no idea what he was talking about. So Bookman had to settle for a can of “natural” pumpkin. The hazards of needing pie fixings on a day like today! It’s like trying to buy a Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.

Public Radio has an article about Pi Day with some fun facts. I am sure we all remember from math class that pi is a constant no matter the size of the circle. But because it goes on forever, as far as we know, it is called an irrational number. Pi has been calculated to 10 trillion digits past the decimal point and it took the computer scientist who did it 371 days. Or rather, it took his computer 371 days.

There is also a book written in Pilish, a “language” where the letters of each word follow the digits for pi. But if you really want to make an impression, then start memorizing. The world record for most digits memorized is held by Lu Chao of China. It took him 24 hours and 4 minutes to rattle off 67,890 digits. All you’d have to do is get to 67,891 and the record would be yours. Though of course you might want to make it 67,900 just to be safe. Piece of cake! Er pie.

Now that Pi Day is becoming popular among the general public, hardcore geeks are starting to disparage it and suggest that Tau, 6.28, or 2pi, is a more significant number. They advocate celebrating Tau Day on June 28th. Supposedly you get to eat twice as much pie.